Hi IBZ community!

As you probably know, we started this exciting journey on April 26th last year from our lovely island to the endless possibilities within the blockchain space, deploying on the Ethereum Network the smart contract that created $IBZ, the first ERC-20 token born in Ibiza for all the white island enthusiasts.

We can't express our gratitude to the whole Ibiza Token community around the world, so we would love to take a brief journey back in time to recall some of the exciting and vibrant events that we have experienced during 2021.

In this article, we will look back together at some of the most relevant milestones carried out starting from the creation of Ibiza Token until late last year.

We suggest you click on the document icon alongside each date to learn more about each specific episode. Let’s get started!

Ibiza Token 2021 highlights


  • 📃 04/26: Ibiza Token ($IBZ) deploy on Ethereum Network


  • 📃 05/18: Ibiza Token dApp launch
  • 📃 05/25: Smart Contract audit by Chainsulting


  • 📃 06/11: Smart Contract audit by Solidproof
  • 📃 06/15: $IBZ recognized as Utility Token by CNMV ( Spanish National Securities Market Commission)
  • 📃 06/29: Polygon migration, Mapped $IBZ
  • 📃 06/30: Copper -Balancer Liquidity Pool event


  • 📃 07/01: Nomics.com lists $IBZ
  • 📃 07/02: IBZ on Uniswap.org and Quickswap.exchange
  • 📃 07/16: Vesting contract and Token distribution update


  • 📃 08/02: Freeverse.io partnership
  • 📃 08/24: Ibiza Token Ambassador Program
  • 📃 08/27: Podenks (PODK) NFT Dop
  • 📃 08/27: First PDK minted by 0x15…ac3c


  • 📃 09/03: First PDK acquired on secondary markets 0x5d…a39d
  • 📃 09/15: Cointelegraph.com post about Ibiza Token
  • 📃 09/29: Ibiza Token joins Polygon


  • 📃 10/11: NXT Partnerships: Consell d´Eivissa, PIMEEF, Atzarò, Las Dalias, Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico, Madavi, Hnos Parrot, Grupo Vettonia, E+B Ibiza, Exclusivas Miró, Grupo Beachouse
  • 📃 10/25: $IBZ is listed on Coingecko.com
  • 📃 10/29: Bankless DAO media partnership at Ibiza NXT
  • 📃 10/29: Polygonme.xyz integration
  • 📃 10/30: NFT Studio partnership for Ibiza NXT
  • 📃 10/30: Polygon partnership for Ibiza NXT


  • 📃 11/03: $IBZ is listed on Coinmarketcap.com
  • 📃 11/11: “Ibiza NXT 2021” the first blockchain conference in Ibiza
  • 📃 11/16: Special Bankless DAO mention
  • 📃 11/23: IbizaPay launch(Android and IOS)


  • 📃 12/07: Liquidity Mining Program
  • 📃 12/22: Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace launch
  • 📃 12/23: The Trip NFT Drop, by Las Dalias
  • 📃 12/30 : Human-R Evolution NFT Drop, by Jordi Gómez

It’s really exciting to see all the progress we have achieved so far, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Not part of the IBZ family yet? Get on board and learn about all the new features coming this year. Thank you for your continued support!

Want to learn more about Ibiza Token? please feel free to contact the team on our Discord channel, Telegram English, and Telegram Spanish Channels

Ibiza Token channels:




The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token

The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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