Introducing Ibiza Token: The Decentralized Application born in Ibiza


Ibiza Token is an ERC-20 governance token on the Ethereum Mainnet, created expressly for the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza Token (IBZ) aims to be a habitual means of exchange and payment gateway for all the Ibiza lovers within the Island and worldwide by growing in vision to a globally tradeable coin with full smart-contract capabilities.

Liquidity pools, farming contracts and, AMMs alongside the benefit of a series of incentives within transactions with local businesses are some of the key features encompassed by Ibiza Token which is fully aligned with the standards aimed at surpassing the corporate-capture vulnerabilities of DAOs.

Besides being a habitual means of exchange and a decentralized payments and transactions gateway, Ibiza Token will enrich the holders’ experience by launching soon a dedicated iOS/Android application that provides with the opportunity to join special deals across a hand-picked selection of local tourism establishments and discover music and art from the island in the first Ibiza non-fungible token marketplace.

Why Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token pivots on the idea of providing the island’s visitors with the best Ibiza experience and empowering the local business community through the development of a new digital trade ecosystem based on non-intermediation, efficiency, and security.

The first Decentralized Application born in Ibiza stands out for its community-focused model as it sets out as a global platform where all the Ibiza lovers can finally find mutual fulfillment thanks to a defined standard of affiliation and exchange aimed to benefit key stakeholders such as first-time and regular visitors, local businesses, residents, new local ventures, artists and musicians.

Besides making Ibiza more suitable for all, Ibiza Token will heavily impulse tourism by allowing the local businesses to be more competitive and wide-ranging and will provide the island sightseers with enjoying a perfect Ibiza experience.

Likewise, Ibiza Token will support the local artists and musician community and will promote initiatives aims to enhance the excellence of the place.

Ibiza Token benefits

Ibiza Token provides a series of features that will be implemented soon thanks to the release of a dedicated iOS/Android application.

From the beginning of the Ibiza token launch, its holders can:

  • process secure and unmediated transactions within the island and worldwide
  • make easy and fast payments across the tourism establishments and shops of our partner networks
  • earn fees and rewards in form of crypto for locking IBZ funds
  • convert fiat money and IBZ to a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • access Ibiza Token governance to propose and vote on changes to the IbizaToken protocol

After the release of the iOS/Android application, the Ibiza Token holders can:

  • use a personal wallet, easily settable and addable to the list of usual wallet applications, to securely store, send and receive Ibiza Token (IBZ), buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and shop in our Ibiza selected retail network.
  • book the next stay in Ibiza by enjoying special deals and promotions on our handpicked selection of hotels, restaurants, clubs, beach clubs and, car rentals.
  • join our rewards program, earning points, and pay with them across our local tourism establishment network.
  • enjoy our art and music non-fungible token collections by DJs, musicians, and artists of Ibiza’s scene, by supporting our independent network of artists, DJs, musicians and access a series of private events aimed to develop a new crypto and music culture of the island.

Stay Tuned

We are going to release relevant information about Ibiza Token soon.

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The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token

The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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