Introducing “PODENKS”, the first Ibiza Token NFT Drop Mintable Collection

The Collection

Ibiza Token presents “Podenks” a collection of 5.000 unique and randomly generated digital collectibles inspired by the Ibiza island’s native dog, called “podenco ibicenco”.

“Podenks” will live on the Ethereum blockchain and will possibly be accessible from additional networks, which we will announce in the next few days. After minting, you will be able to interact with your awesome digital Ibizan hound into Opensea,, and other marketplaces.

To guarantee the true exclusiveness of each NFT, we have used an algorithm to assign a unique hash value to each image and we have also compared each other to ensure their originality. In addition, we have given a different percentage of rarity to all the elements that make up each NFT, so that users can get ownership both of unique pieces and collectibles rarer than others.

In addition, each piece will work as a membership card which will make you part of the Ibiza Token family for upcoming events such as airdrops, IBZ farming, discounts, and promotions across Ibiza’s local businesses, etc.

PODENKS will be launched on Friday 27th of August (16:00 EDT) and it will be exclusively mintable here

Further information here


Ibiza Token aims to commemorate an iconic Ibizan symbol, which once again, has been able to be an important source of inspiration, by letting us convey its essence into digital art alongside our IBZ creative crew.

This NFT drop mintable collection is the first of a series of artwork selections curated by Ibiza Token aimed to lead to the launch of the first NFT marketplace in Ibiza, featured by some of the most important artists of the island, which is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

About Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token is an ERC-20 governance token on the Ethereum Mainnet, created expressly for the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza Token (IBZ) aims to connect local businesses and content creators to a wider audience to enhance the island’s excellence and create a sustainable ecosystem.

Liquidity pools, farming contracts and, AMMs alongside the benefit of a series of incentives within transactions with local businesses are some of the key features encompassed by Ibiza Token which will also enrich the holders’ experience by discovering music and art from the island through the first Ibiza’s NFT marketplace and joining special deals across a hand-picked selection of local tourism establishments and retails through a dedicated iOS/Android application.

An exciting week ahead!

We will delve into some details about this collection during the coming days, please feel free to ask about it and keep up at Discord for the latest news.




Telegram: ( community) (official announcements)






The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token

The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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