Polygon migration + QuickSwap guide

Dear IBZ community,

Firstly, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all your amazing support during this week’s move to the Polygon Network, today we have produced a comprehensive guide to familiarise yourselves with this awesome infrastructure.

Great, now you are able to interact with $IBZ using Polygon Network, but maybe you are facing with any of the below scenarios:

  1. No previous knowledge of using Polygon
  2. Move $IBZ from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon
  3. Acquire $IBZ on QuickSwap
  4. Add $IBZ liquidity on Quickswap

Are you in the mentioned situations? Just jump to the appropriate section of this guide and start learning more about it, otherwise, if you find you are experiencing a different issue, we will be happy to help you directly in the discord server.

1 - How to set up Metamask for Polygon?

Don’t panic! if you already use Metamask, you just need to add the new channel (RPC) through an easy and quick process by filling the specific data to the Polygon network.

So, let’s take our first contact with Polygon: go to your Metamask extension and click network selection dropdown, Custom RPC and fill in the form.

2 - How to use the Polygon Bridge?

In this section, you can learn about moving your $IBZ tokens to Polygon. So, if you are a $IBZ holder and wish to switch to Polygon this is your section, follow these instructions:

2.1 ) Check you have ETH on the Ethereum Mainnet

Using Polygon Bridge involves interacting with the main Ethereum network, so it is essential to have ETH in the wallet to move the $ IBZ tokens.

2.2 ) Move $IBZ tokens using the Polygon Bridge

3 - How to exchange $IBZ on QuickSwap?

Quickswap is one of the main ways to trade tokens using Polygon, now it’s time to learn how to acquire $IBZ for the first time on Polygon by using MATIC, ETH, or any other ERC20 token.

3.1) Identify the proper $IBZ contract address at Polygonscan

Each token is linked to a specific contract, so make sure you are interacting with the correct one, the Ibiza Token on the Polygon Network is 0x428ac1de3fc08c0f3a47745c964f7d677716981f

Keep in mind that anyone can create a token, so it is common for scammers to attempt scam traders, by creating tokens with identical names, so it is absolutely essential to be 100% sure that the contract address is the proper $IBZ token, so be aware because you will be buying air if you buy from any other contract address.

3.2) Add $IBZ to Quickswap

Once you are sure that you are going to interact with the $IBZ contract, you should add it to quickswap.exchange, anyway make sure you have added the right one.

$IBZ token address (Polygon) : 0x428ac1de3fc08c0f3a47745c964f7d677716981f

3.3) Swap Ibiza Token ($IBZ)

In the same way that the Ethereum Mainnet requires ETH to cover gas fees, to interact with the Polygon Network, we will need MATIC instead of ETH.

Once you exchange MATIC or another token for $IBZ, you must wait for the transaction to be confirmed by the validators, which may take a few minutes.

4 - How to add liquidity on Quickswap?

By adding $IBZ liquidity to Quickswap you will earn commissions based on IBZ swaps, in order to start providing $IBZ liquidity, you will be adding your desired pair, e.g. MATIC/IBZ or ETH/IBZ.

When you have decided on the pair you want to provide, you only need to add an equal value for both tokens. For example, if you want to add IBZ and MATIC it is necessary you add 50% of IBZ and 50% of MATIC, although as soon as you specify the first token amount, Quickswap automatically calculates the amount required for the second token.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact the team on our Discord and Telegram Channels.




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The first Ibiza's Decentralized Application. Connecting local content creators and businesses to a global audience by leveraging blockchain technology.

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